4 Things to do in Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld is a town in the North Lanarkshire Council, in Scotland. It is in neither east or west of Scotland – located in center of the country known as the Central Belt of Scotland. Geographically, it is by the watershed between the Forth of Firth and River of Clyde and is considered as a culturally diverse town for Scottish standards. 

“Cumbernauld”, in Spanish Gaelic, means “meeting of the waters” as an allusion to the fact that the new town is located by the watershed, where the Forth and Clyde meet. 

It is considered to be a new town as it was only established as a town in 1950, as a result of the overspill of nearby major city, Glasgow. It is best known to locals and tourists alike as the whiff of the countryside, right beside the modern city of Glasgow. 

Before Cumbernauld was given its name, and considered a town of its own, it used to be a Roman Fort by the Antonine Wall from 1306 until Reformation happened. 

While this much is known about Cumbernauld, it is difficult to fully isolate the events that took place in the town during Reformation and until it’s independence from Glasgow. 

Let’s take a tour around this new town and untangle the mystery that is Cumbernauld through its historic places and special landmarks and things to do in Cumbernauld.

Things to do in Cumbernauld

1.Visit by the Antonine Wall

Things to do in Cumbernauld

If you have ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you would probably remember the long walls that stretched across Oz. Well, this is the real-life inspiration for those walls. 

Arguably, the Antonine Wall is the most iconic monument and tag marker of Cumbernauld. It is an ancient Roman fortification system built in the 14th century as protection against possible invaders. 

In actuality, the Antonine Wall seen in Cumbernauld is just a small portion of the actual Antonine Wall that is built across the Central Belt of Scotland. It spans for about 39 miles (63 kilometers) and is 16 feet (10 meters) in height. 

The walls are now well-preserved ruins that can be visited in Cumbernauld. Specifically, the most visited site in Cumbernauld is in Westerwood. 

The walls are best for those interested in history. If you are not that person, then the only thing left to do in the walls is to take a picture of it, and move to other activities. 

Admission Fee

It is free to visit any site of the Antonine Wall. 

Operation Hours

All sites of the Antonine Wall are unmanned and can be visited at all times.

Contact Information

Address: Westerwood Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Glasgow and Strathclyde, Scotland

2.Flock around the World of Wings

World of Wings
World of Wings

Home to the largest birds of prey collection in Scotland, the World of Wings offers lots of services featuring the birds housed in the facility. From talking birds to birds trained to entertain and even display of all your feathered friends — eagles, owls, vultures, falcons, hawks, you name it. 

Aside from their main attractions and shows featuring birds, they also offer a course for introduction to falconry, at an additional cost. Sessions about handling up to two birds is also offered. 

The whole facility is just like a bird theme park, complete with restaurants that serve good food — perfect whenever you get hungry from all the bird training and bird watching you’ve done. 

It’s actually the best place to go to with family, especially if you have little boys interested in birds with your trip to Scotland. 

Admission Fee

Adult: 6.45 GBP

Child: 3.95 GBP 

Child under age three: Free

Family: 19 GBP per ticket (two adults two children)

Seniors, students, disabled, carer: 4.95 GBP per ticket

Operation Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10AM to 4:30PM

Contact Information

Address: Blairlinn Cottages, Easter Blairlinn Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow and Strathclyde, G67 4AA, Scotland

Phone: 01236 722999

Website  worldofwings.co.uk

Email: info@worldofwings.co.uk

3.Have fun at the Palacerigg Country Park

Palacerigg Country Park
Palacerigg Country Park

Just southeast of Cumbernauld is 300 acres worth of play area and recreational activities. The Palacerigg Park is humongous in size, and there are infinite number of activities to do. It is open to the public and with 300 acres of recreational play area, everyone is bound to find an amenity that they are interested in. 

There are lots of habitats in Palacerigg — from woodlands, grasslands, and ponds — that can be explored. You can feed the animals, there is also a petting zoo that is available, if you bring your own horse, you can get a permit to ride it in the ten kilometer bridle paths. 

Palacerigg is well known for housing its rare breeds of roe deer, badger fox, hare, sparrowhawk, kestrel, long eared and short eared owls. In special occasions and holidays, the park ranges offer special activities and shows.

There are on site restaurants to dine at, whenever you feel hungry during your visit. 

Admission Fee

It is free and open to the public. Although sometimes, on special events, the park rangers may charge for special activities. 

Operation Hours 

Monday to Saturday: 9AM to 4:15PM

Contact Information

Address: Palacerigg Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow and Strathclyde, G67 3HU Scotland

Phone:  01236 720047

Website: https://www.northlanarkshire.gov.uk/

Email: countryside@northlan.gov.uk

4.Venture in Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet
Adventure Planet

Adventure Planet is the best place to stop by in Cumbernauld if you are visiting with your children. Considered to be suitable for children until 14 years of age, it was built to keep your family secure while enjoying and having fun in the indoor playground. 

The best thing about Adventure Planet is that it is divided into three zones, according to ages of children, to better accommodate their play needs: babies and toddlers (0-3 years old), young toddlers (4-8 years old) and older children (9-12 years old).

The zones and games are designed to be size related so that the kids can fully enjoy all equipment suited best for their heights. The theme of the whole park is also “planet” and “space” — perfect for honing your child’s astronomical skills while enjoying your visit. 

Admission Fee

General Admission:

Kids 3+ and above: price starts at 5.50 GBP

Under age 3: 4.95 GBP

Operation Hours

Saturday to Thursday: 10AM to 6PM

Friday to Saturday: 10AM to 7PM

Contact Information 

Address 2 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, Cumbernauld, Glasgow and Strathclyde, G68 9NB Scotland

Phone: 01236 782350

Website: www.theadventureplanet.com

Email: fun@theadventureplanet.com

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4 Things to do in Cumbernauld

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